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Video #1
Getting necessary accessories; Set-up and Get In Tune.

Video #2
The Boxes on the dulcimer.

Video #3
Basic Skill Development - Learning Scales

Video #4
Playing Thirds -- Three Notes Up, One Back

Video #5
Playing Simple Chords -- Naming the Boxes

Video #6
1-4-5 Chord Progressions Using Simple Chords

Video #7
Better 1-4-5 Chords in the Same Box

Video #8
Embellishments, Decorations, and Ornimentation (PART 1)

Video #9
Embellishments, Decorations, and Ornimentation (PART 2)

Video #10
Playing an Irish Run, With Caps, in Mississippi Sawyer (PART 1)

Video #11
Mississippi Sawyer - Part 2; More on Irish Runs and Caps

Video #12
Learn Chord Structure and Patterns

Video #13
Combine Arpeggios and Melody Lines

Video #14
Finding and Playing Minor Chords

Video #15
Learn to Play St. Anne's Reel

Video # 16
Blackberry Blossom 





"Whiskey Before Breakfast"

"Joy To The World!"

"Silent Night"

"What Child Is This?"

"Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee"

"Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella"

"O Come All Ye Faithful"

"O Holy Night"

"Angels We Have Heard"

"Shenandoah Falls"

"In The Garden"

Playing the Blues on Hammered Dulcimer

"Milk Cow Blues"

"St. Louis Woman Blues"

"Send The Light"

"Power In The Blood"

"Sweet Hour of Prayer"

"Ragtime Annie"

"Ole Joe Clark"

"Wildwood Flower"

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STEVE EULBERG Absolute Beginners  Playing in the Box  Holding the Hammers

DAN LANDRUM  Beginning techniques 



CHRIS FOSS Demystifying the Dulcimer

DULCIMER DAN Amazing Grace


We accept no fee or gratuity for posting videos, and we only post videos we have reviewed and think are helpful to beginners and advanced beginners.

Steve Eulberg    Click here  for a free sample from Steve Eulberg's "Absolute Beginner" video series.  Steve is an excellent multi-instrument player and teacher.  Click here for another of Steve's free videos that shows how to hold the hammers. Click here for Steve's video on tuning the hammered dulcimer.  If you like Steve's approach, you can check him out at his website:  www.dulcimercrossing.com.

Chris Foss  Click here for a video lesson from Chris Foss.  Chris and his wife, Melanie, make fine hammered dulcimers under the brand, Songbird.  To see their line of dulcimers  hammered dulcimers and psaltrys, go to their website at Songbird.com

Dan Landrum How to Replace a Broken String CLICK HERE-PART 1  AND CLICK HERE-PART TWO  for two videos that show you how to replace a broken string on your hammered dulcimer.

To see Dan Landrum explain how to use the hammers CLICK HERE. This is an excellent introductory video to Dulcimer School, operated by Dan and legendary mountain dulcimer player Steve Seifert.  Ulimited learning videos for $15/month. Great videos and a great deal, if you are serious about learning.



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